Pharmacies have unique needs that need to be fully addressed. The majors are:
1. Physical security of the local server and the physical security of the IT network.
2. Improving the performance issue relating to pharmacy database software, to increase work efficiency.
3. Ensuring the pharmacy database is backed up both onsite and offsite.

We can also improve pharmacy efficiency  by utilizing technology., this can be done by:
1. Implementing Automated Pill Dispenser systems (also known referred to as ‘Robots’)
2. Using hardware that is less likely to breakdown which causes expensive downtime.
3. Significantly improving overall system performance to increase the number of fills per hour.

We have worked with pharmacy software such as Kroll and Robotic Prescription Dispensing Systems. We understand how to configure the IT systems around them to maximize performance and how to implement additional functionalities from within the software.

We have passed multiple in-person audits by Federal government Protected B security; we use that knowledge to help us keep your information secure and safe.

We will work hard to become a permanent part of your team:

  • implement and improve software reliability and limit data corruption
  • improve IT systems to increase employee efficiency
  • find the most appropriate solutions for your firm
  • identify saving by making changes to existing infrastructure
  • improve technology performance and security
  • significantly reduce downtime by implementing redundancy plans