• To play a key role in organizations where an in-house technology department is not viable or currently insufficient.


  • To manage corporate risk as it relates to technology.
  • To understand and consider the organization’s current and future needs, and use technology to make operations more efficient.
  •  To respect the operational needs of the organization by seeking cost-effective technology options.


  • Many organizations are burdened by unreliable/unsafe computer system and their associated costs. We believe that technology systems should assist an organization to be more efficient and effective. Our philosophy puts us in your shoes by reviewing the operational needs first,   then we review it again as technology experts.


  • We speak English not geek.
  • We understand that your data is invaluable.
  • We care about security.
  • We conduct ourselves in an ethical manner. We will not take advantage of organizations that are naive about technology.
  • We work directly with software organizations to continually develop applications to improve how an organization functions.
  • We support proven open-source and freeware applications/operating system that can be implemented into organizations at minimal cost with minimal risk.
  • The end user should have a positive computer experience.
  • We will not spend resources unnecessarily. Upgrades will be recommended when a business case can be made to support it.
  • We believe that keeping data safe, yet being accessible to its users is the most important goal. This starts with a good plan on a solid foundation.


  • Educated in Business and Technology.
  • Experience withTechnology since 1982.
  • Experience in Business since 1991.
  • Experience in non-profit, charitable and educational organizations since 1998.
  • Experience with Government Medical, Legal and Financial firms since 2005.

Many organizations receive poor computer advice, at least half are unaware of this. These organizations often purchased overpriced products or services which are not appropriate for their organization. Unfortunately, these items were purchased because of a business naive computer technician, or a suave salesman. The most common or popular solutions are often the most expensive but are not necessarily the best. For example, some of the more popular backup solutions cost thousands more and are less secure than other solutions.