BCT plays a key role in organizations where an in-house technology department is not viable or is currently insufficient. We specialize in improving workflow efficiency and data security.

Without proper IT procedures and management, Corporate IT systems can unknowingly be at risk.
We will help identify your organization’s areas of risk, determine the right solution, then implement it and monitor it to reduce your risk levels.

Our primary focus is keeping your data safe and accessible. This is a delicate balance that we are very familiar with.  Those with permissions can access your systems from anywhere in the world and be protected from risks such as prying eyes and Internet gangs. Your corporate data will also be replicated offsite at near real-time to protect against a disaster such as fire or flood.

Our work with Federal Government contractors allows us to implement strict practices and procedures that further protect information privacy and data security. Receiving security audits from the Federal Government ensure our IT systems are safe and kept up to date.  Not all organizations require this level of attention; however, this knowledge and experience allows us to guide your organization appropriately.


Specility Services:   Law Firm   Pharmacy

BCT Methodology

  • At Business Cents Technology we like to keep things simple and follow the K.I.S.S. theory.
  • Secure, accessible, responsive and appropriately priced are some the keys metrics that we strive to achieve.


  • Technology focused Business Planning
  • Risk Management as it relates to Technology in your organization
  • Long term Network Design
  • Connecting Multiple sites and remote users to function as one team
  • Security (Physical, Internal Users, External hackers)
  • Data backup: archival, encryption, replication and off-site
  • Planning for system failure, disaster, and theft
  • Redundancy planning
  • IP Phone integration
  • Virtualization of servers, workstations, LANs and private networks
  • Thinclients
  • Enhanced Wireless services
  • Automation
  • Cost-effective purchasing
  • Product Life planning and extending hardware usability to reduce cost and reduce environmental impact

Support, Service, and Maintenance

  • Networks: domains, local, wide, remote, virtual, wireless, private
  • Hardware building and maintenance: Servers, Workstations
  • Computerized Equipment i.e. CNC, Plasma cutters, Alignment machines, Pharmacy Automation etc.
  • Systems and network monitoring
  • Automated and Scheduled maintenance routines
  • Data recovery
  • Website development with database services for active web forums and corporate sharing of information
  • Instruct users how to fully utilize digital technology, and how to safely use network and internet resources


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