Enhancing Workflow Efficiency and Data Security:
In organizations lacking an in-house technology department or facing insufficiencies, BCT serves a pivotal role. Our specialty lies in optimizing workflow efficiency and fortifying data security.

Mitigating Unseen Risks in Corporate IT Systems:
Without robust IT protocols and effective management, corporate IT systems unknowingly face vulnerabilities. We identify these potential areas of risk within your organization, tailor fitting the right solutions, implementing them, and continually monitoring to reduce risk levels.

Prioritizing Data Safety and Accessibility:
Our core focus revolves around safeguarding your data while ensuring accessibility. We understand the delicate balance required for this task. With appropriate permissions, global access to your systems remains secure, shielded from threats like unauthorized access or cybercriminals. Additionally, your corporate data undergoes near real-time offsite replication, offering protection against disasters such as fire or flood.

Expertise from Federal Government Contractors:
Through our collaborations with Federal Government contractors, we adhere to stringent practices and procedures that elevate information privacy and data security. Regular security audits from Federal Government sources guarantee the safety and currency of our IT systems. While not every organization may necessitate this level of attention, our expertise empowers us to guide your organization according to its unique needs.


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BCT Methodology: Simplifying Technology for Business Success:

At Business Cents Technology, we embrace simplicity through the K.I.S.S. theory (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Our approach is centered on achieving key metrics: security, accessibility, responsiveness, and cost-effectiveness.

Consultation Services: Empowering Your Technological Future

We specialize in technology-focused business planning, encompassing:

  • Risk Management: Tailored strategies for technology-related risks within your organization.
  • Long-Term Network Design: Building robust networks for seamless collaboration across multiple sites and remote teams.
  • Security Measures: Safeguarding against physical threats, internal vulnerabilities, and external cyber threats.
  • Comprehensive Data Backup: Implementing archival, encrypted, replicated, and air-gapped off-site backup solutions.
  • Disaster Preparedness: Planning for system failures, disasters, and theft with redundancy strategies.
  • IP Phone Integration: Seamlessly integrating IP phone systems for enhanced communication.
  • Virtualization and Automation: Optimizing servers, workstations, LANs, and private networks for efficiency.
  • Enhanced Wireless Services: Strengthening wireless networks for enhanced connectivity.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Strategic purchasing and product life planning to reduce costs and environmental impact.

Support, Service, and Maintenance: Ensuring Continuous Technological Excellence

Our comprehensive support includes:

  • Network Expertise: Domains, local, wide, remote, virtual, wireless, and private networks.
  • Hardware Maintenance: Building and maintaining servers, workstations, and specialized equipment.
  • Specialized Equipment Expertise: Handling computerized equipment across various industries.
  • Proactive Maintenance: Automated routines for system and network health.
  • Data Recovery Services: Ensuring the safety and retrieval of critical information.
  • Website Development: Crafting websites with robust database services for active interaction and corporate information sharing.
  • User Education: Empowering users with knowledge for safe and effective technology utilization.

When you’re ready to elevate your business through streamlined and secure technology, please reach out to us.  We are always happy to help!

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  • At Business Cents Technology, we strive to be the cornerstone of support for organizations lacking an in-house technology department or facing tech insufficiencies.


  • Managing corporate risk tied to technology.
  • Understanding both present and future organizational needs, leveraging technology for enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Respecting operational requirements by seeking cost-effective tech solutions.


  • We firmly believe that technology should empower organizations, not encumber them with unreliable systems and unnecessary costs. Our approach prioritizes understanding your operational needs before applying our expertise in technology solutions.


  • Communication in Plain Language: We speak in a language everyone understands, not tech jargon.
  • Valuing Your Data: We recognize the value of your data and prioritize its security.
  • Ethical Practices: Our ethical stance ensures we never exploit tech-naive organizations.
  • Collaboration for Advancements: We collaborate with software developers to continually improve applications for organizational enhancement.
  • Supporting Cost-Effective Solutions: Embracing proven open-source applications minimizes cost and risk for your organization.
  • Positive User Experience: Our goal is to ensure end users have a positive and seamless computer experience.
  • Resource Optimization: We recommend upgrades only when a viable business case supports the need.
  • Data Security as Priority: We emphasize a solid foundation and strategic planning to keep data safe and accessible.


  • Educated in Business and Technology.
  • Technology experience since 1982.
  • Business experience since 1991.
  • Non-profit, charitable, and educational organization involvement since 1998.
  • Engagement with Government, Medical, Legal, and Financial firms since 2005.

Many organizations fall victim to ill-suited computer advice, often from inexperienced technicians or persuasive salespeople. We’ve observed that popular solutions aren’t necessarily the best, most cost-effective, or secure.

bctCloud a Private and Secure cloud

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bctCloud features several key functionalities. Here are just some of the highlights:

  1. File Sync and Share:
    • Provides secure file synchronization and sharing across devices.
    • Users can access and collaborate on files in real-time.
  2. Access and Collaboration:
    • Enables seamless collaboration with team members on documents and files.
    • Integrates with popular office and productivity tools.
  3. Security and Compliance:
    • Focuses on robust security measures to protect user data.
    • Complies with various data protection and privacy regulations.
  4. File Versioning and Recovery:
    • Browser based file versioning, allowing users to track changes and revert to previous states.
    • Facilitates file recovery and restoration.
  5. Calendar and Contacts:
    • Includes integrated calendar and contact management features.
    • Enables efficient scheduling and communication within teams.
  6. Communication and Messaging:
    • Provides real-time chat and video conferencing capabilities.
    • Facilitates communication within the platform.
  7. Collaborative Editing:
    • Supports collaborative editing of documents in real-time.
    • Integrates with office suite applications for seamless collaboration.
  8. Integration with Third-Party Apps:
    • Allows integration with a variety of third-party applications and services.
    • Enhances functionality and workflow customization.
  9. Mobile and Desktop Apps:
    • Offers dedicated mobile and desktop applications for easy access and usability.
    • Ensures a consistent user experience across devices.
  10. Extensibility and App Ecosystem:
    • Extending functionalities through hundreds of apps.
    • Features a vibrant app ecosystem for customization.

These features collectively make bctCloud a versatile and secure platform for file management, collaboration, and communication, suitable for both individual users and businesses.


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