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Meeting Unique Pharmacy Needs:
Pharmacies operate under specific requirements that demand comprehensive solutions. Key considerations include:

  1. Enhanced Physical Security: Securing both the local server and IT network within a retail environment is crucial.
  2. Proactive User Protection: Active monitoring, regular software updates, network hardening, and software removal bolster the security stance for user computers and servers.
  3. Optimized Workflow: Streamlining operations through database software performance enhancement and transitioning to a paperless workflow.
  4. Robust Database Backup: Ensuring onsite and offsite backups for pharmacy databases.
  5. Data Privacy Compliance: Addressing regulatory frameworks like Canada’s PIPEDA and the U.S.’s HIPAA to safeguard personal health information.

To boost pharmacy efficiency, technology plays a pivotal role:

  1. Automated Pill Dispensing Systems: Implementing automated systems, often referred to as ‘Robots’.
  2. Reliable Hardware Usage: Utilizing select hardware to minimize breakdowns to help avoid expensive downtime.
  3. Performance Enhancement: Drastically improving system performance to increase the hourly fill rate.

Our expertise spans various pharmacy software solutions like Kroll, Robotic Prescription Dispensing Systems, and Packaging Systems. We adeptly configure IT systems to maximize their performance and implement additional functionalities.

With a track record of successfully navigating Federal government Protected B security audits, we leverage this experience to fortify your data’s security.

We’re committed to becoming a seamless extension of your team:

  • Software Reliability: Implementing and enhancing software reliability to prevent data corruption.
  • Efficiency Boost: Enhancing IT systems to amplify employee productivity.
  • Tailored Solutions: Identifying the most suitable solutions for your pharmacy’s unique needs.
  • Cost Optimization: Pinpointing infrastructure changes that lead to savings.
  • Technology Fortification: Elevating technology performance and security measures.
  • Downtime Mitigation: Strategically implementing redundancy plans to significantly minimize downtime.