UnCloud Evolution

What is the best solution for your organization? It may be a hybrid solution.

Exclusive Cloud:
For those that want all the features of cloud computing but don’t want to give their data to a third party and need to maintain the high performance of locally accessed data, then you need to Be Your Own Cloud (BYOC).
You will access your data from anywhere just as you would with other cloud providers, however, you maintain full control. Some cloud services do not provide backups, other providers have an unknown future, limited features or have changed the features and increased their pricing models. Most government contracts forbid the use of cloud service providers. We will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages, the custom features, and the long term investment so your organization maximizes cloud computing.

Many organizations are so close to being their own Exclusive Cloud service that a few seamless network changes are all it will take. In many cases, this change has eliminated lugging a laptop to and from work.

Reverse Cloud:
All the advantages of the above Exclusive Cloud, plus using an encrypted offsite Cloud storage to synchronize your operations every 15 minutes to help protect against disasters such as theft, fire, and flood.

The cloud is simply a metaphor for the Internet. Engineers would draw a wiggly circle to represent the unmanageable internet entity.  Marketing named this wiggly circle a cloud because that’s exactly what it looks like on paper. Marketing now uses the term Cloud instead of the less sexy Remote Data Storage.

Margaret Rouse of techtarget.com said:
“Customers may cite a number of reasons for wanting to uncloud. Factors include security issues, liability concerns and difficulty in integrating cloud-based applications with on-premises enterprise applications and data. Frustrated expectations with respect to the cloud’s cost efficiency may also influence de-clouding decisions. Anecdotal evidence suggests that customers citing cost as a factor may elect to move applications to an in-house, hyper-converged infrastructure as the better economic choice.”

We are experienced with the Uncloud process.  It requires good planning and timing.  Let us help you evaluate if your organization should be part of this next evolution.